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Which room should I renovate first?

Posted by Christina Steinmann Lowry on February 18, 2021
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It is often a question of which room in the house you should renovate first. When I sell will I get more money back from updating the kitchen or the living room? Finishing the basement or updating the master suite? Your home is often times your biggest investment and you want to help keep or increase the value.

Well, how can that be done?

My first recommendation is to renovate a year or more before you move. This way you get to enjoy updates that you made before moving on. This can also help you get more of your money’s worth out of them since you were also able make use of them. Then it comes down to rooms.

The top value space in your home to update is the kitchen. The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home. Many meals and visits are had here. People often want a nice entertaining space that is also practical for everyday use.

The next space that receives a lot of emphasis is the master bedroom and ensuite. An updated master suite is appealing because, in a family home, it is the parents’ space. This is often considered as heir retreat from everyday life.

Updating the other bathrooms and the main living space are another good investment. All these rooms provide an update for the house that is very noticable and appreciated.

Freshening your space doesn’t always have to involve a huge and costly renovation. A clean, fresh coat of paint goes a long way. It can make a big impact on a space by brightening and opening up the space.

Another thing to remember is to plan with the future in mind. Will you be there in five years? Ten years? Then you will need to plan for what you want your home to do for you then. Are you renovating now but planning to sell in a year? Then you should consider keeping a more neutral palate that will appeal to many people.

If you want to update your space with a low budget you can also rearrange furniture in bedrooms and sitting areas. Changing out an area rug or installing new carpeting can make a big difference too.

Before renovations remember:
– Make sure your plans respect the style of the home
– Make sure to use tiles/materials from the same batch so that the colour and pattern is consistent
– If you don’t have an eye for colour recruit a friend who does or hire an interior designer to do your homes colours
– Check out the homes in your neighbourhood. See if the value of the homes support the money you will be investing in renovations.

There is nothing as satisfying as before and after photos, so do not forget to take them!

Good luck in your future renovations and enjoy! If you need recommendations for a contractor or tradesperson, let me know and I would be happy to refer some.

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