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In Buyers’ Shoes

Posted by Christina Steinmann Lowry on November 19, 2021
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Buying a house can be tough.

I bought my first house about eight years ago with my brother. It was an investment decision and we rented it out right away to have tenants the first day of possession. When my brother and I were looking for homes, we were very young and listened to our dad and did what he advised. We put a lot of trust in him. He did not steer us wrong. I am so happy with the decision we made to buy our first house. It was a great investment and is still going strong.

Now, my husband and I are house hunting. Due to switching jobs, new careers, and maternity leaves it took us a while, but we are finally looking now. Of course, the main reason we are looking for a home is for investment purposes. The adventure of looking at homes and making these decisions is so much different now. We are doing it for us and our future. My dad still gets a few questions though!

This experience has opened my eyes to what my clients go through in their home search journey. I always knew it was difficult, but I am learning how frustrating it can be. When you are ready to buy but nothing is matching your needs, let alone your wants, it is hard! I am trying to follow my own advice and make decisions based on numbers and not emotions, but man alive! Emotions are sneaky and just slip into your thoughts and plans, very unassuming.

We have been actively looking for about three months so far and have done a couple offers. So, I get it! The disappointment is real. And realtors don’t get it easier just because they are realtors.

I understand what you are going through and I am here for you, to help you every step of the way. Let’s navigate this tricky landscape of home buying together!

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