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Posted by Christina Steinmann Lowry on March 8, 2021
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I would like to introduce myself. There is an About Me section on my website but I wanted to let you know a little more about who I am. This will hopefully give you a little taste of my cheesy humour too.

My name is Christina and I am married to my husband Chris. Yes, we practically have the same name. Yes, we do go by “Chris2”… kidding! But, sometimes I do label our stuff with that name, like our cooler. We have been together for 12 years now. We have two kids who are (currently) five and six, although that is constantly changing!

We live in Wilmot Township and love it here. I have lived in this area most of my life and am excited to be raising our children here.

I went to Wilfrid Laurier University for Journalism. Then I did a post grad program for Public Relations and Communications at Mohawk College. I worked as a server and bartender throughout university and for a some years after. I learned so many useful skills that I use in real estate everyday. Great customer service is one of those elements that I value in my business.

After graduation I had a few community relations jobs. They were amazing experiences and I learned so much from them. I learned how to coordinate many different appointments and how important it is to respond quickly. Being diligent is also an important lesson I learned from my father and my work experience.

I do other things besides going to school and working, though. Some of my favourite ways to spend my time are reading novels, doing my nails, and working out. I also enjoy hiking, spending time in the sun, and painting with the kids. We also love our weekly family movie night!

Chris and I love creating new furniture and decorating new spaces in our home. A good home improvement project is very enticing for us. We almost always try to DIY something first. It feels so good to personalize our space. According to our son though, there is too much white in the house, and “its such a horrible colour”! Please don’t take colour advice from my six-year-old though.

I grew up with real estate always being a part of my life. My father has been a realtor for over 36 years and going strong! I worked in his office as an admin assistant off and on over the years and learned a lot about real estate through that. I also tagged along on home showings while I was growing up and got some firsthand experience.

Then, when I was 24, my brother and I bought our first rental property together. I have learned so much from that and am excited to continue investing in real estate.

Now I work alongside my dad, my stepmom, and my stepsister who are all real estate agents. It is fun to work with family and have their support and knowledge! It also helps ensure that any of our clients will always have someone available to show them a house or help with their real estate needs!

I am always learning and growing and cannot wait to see what another five years in real estate will bring! If you have any questions send me an email ( or text/call me at 226-789-2569.

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